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Ningxia Tianfu Activated Carbon Co Ltd is a non state run enterprise that together with engineer designing constructing and procucing Pingluo Active Carbon Producing Factory and a building company ara the secondary companies there and 5 active stoves 5 carbon producing lines and the new products of active carbon reach 8000 to 10000 ton per year The company has a central laboratory activated carbon plant furnace construction company and commerce company With an annual output of 3 500 tons of activated carbon our company has expanded the production line of activated carbon deep processing with the development of the market The production line integrates crushing sieving pickling dipping and...

Categories and Products

Nut Shell Industrial Activated Carbon

competitive price nut shell activated carbon granular nut shell activated carbon nut shell based active carbon activated carbon air purifier 

Dfferent Function Activated Carbon


catalyst activated carbon coal-based bulk activated carbon for sale 

Various Shape Activated Carbon

Cylindrical Carbon

Coal-based Activated carbon for sale Coal-based Activated carbon for catalyst Carrier or Catalyst breathing protection mask with activated carbon 

Briquetted Carbon

Coal-Based granular activated carbon price Coal-based chemical granular activated carbon activated carbon for pharmacy Coal-based activated carbon for process water treatment Coal-based granular Activated carbon for water purification Coal-Based granular activated carbon price 

Powdered Carbon

coal-based activated carbon for aquarium aquarium 300mesh powered activated carbon price in chemicals Coal-based Activated carbon 200mesh for Garbage Burning sale coal-based aquarium filter media activated carbon activated carbon powder coal-based activated carbon for 5 micron coal-based virgin activated carbon coal based powdered carbon activated 325mesh water purification powdered activated carbon 

Granular Carbon

3mm activated carbon pellets for tropical aquarium wood pellets 4mm activated carbon 4 8 mesh coal-based water purification granular activated carbon 

Impregnated Activated Carbon

wood -based activated carbon for 767 injection agent coal based-deodorant activated carbon Alkali Impregnated mercury removal activated carbon for air filter 

Catalyst For Protecting Against Co And Desiccant

Catalyst for protecting against CO and desiccan activated carbon for face mask use Catalyst for protecting Against CO and Desiccant chemical catalytic carbon active carbon pellet catalyst protecting Against co/mo catalyst and Desiccant paking canister catalyst 

Different Material Activated Carbon

Coal-Based Activated Carbon

Coal-Based anthracite powder activated carbon granular activated carbon coconut 8x30 water Coal-Based adsorbent activated carbon for water treatment Coal-Based waste water treatment powder activated carbon pellet activated carbon for air purification manufacturer coconut shell activated carbon coal-based 3mm waste gas treatment columnar activated carbon Coal-Based Powder coal based activated carbon for water treatment chemical decoloring activated carbon wood base granular activated carbon activated carbon for pharmaceutical industry 10*20 mesh coal-based activated carbon granules walnut shell activated carbon activated carbon for pharmaceutical grade for 767 injection agent 8x16 coconut shell based activated carbon 8*16mesh coal-based granular ctc 70 activated carbon Steam Method Nut shell Activated carbon series Water Purification Briquetted Activated Carbon coal based-machinery for making water purification briquetted activated carbon Coal-based granular Activated carbon for Air Purification 

Wood Shell Activated Carbon

wood water purify activated carbon wood based activated carbon for water treatment coal powder activated carbon Coal-Based Powder active carbon price for Water Purification carbon activated ZH30 type cylindrical carbon Activated for Solvent Recovery activated carbon for waste water treatment XINHUA Coal-Based Powder Activated Carbon price for Water Purification 8x30 granular activated carbon BG12X40 black powder activated carbon msds BG8X16 mesh briquetted activated carbon ZL30 Cylindrical Activated carbon for Desulfurization Coal-based Activated carbon for catalyst Carrier or Catalyst activated carbon water filter media 

Nut Shell Activated Carbon

Coal-Based granular activated carbon manufacturers Coal-Based activated carbon used in swimming pools Coal-Based activated carbons used in water purify Coal-based activated carbon used for solvent recovery Coal-based powder activated for air deodorization Coal-Based granular activated carbon for water treatment coal based-briquetted activated carbon chemicals DH30 type cylindrical Activated carbon for alcohol purification 

High Performance Activated Carbon

High Quality Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon sale china high methylene blue activated carbon FJ4X8 type Powdered Activated Carbon for Water Purification coconut shell activated carbon High Quality Granular coconut shell quality activated carbon Coal-Based Activated Carbon for Water Purification chemical wood based activated carbon coconut shell activated carbon for extracting gold XINHUA 

Gas mask

Full Face Gas Mask

MF14 reusable respirator MF14 powered air-purifying respirator MF18C poison gas protection mask MF14C paint respirator single cartridge respirator paint respirator mask MF15C ELECTRONIC SPEAKER TYPE GAS MASK face mask for ebola virus MF18D-2 drinking gas mask breathing air mask ebola protective air breathing apparatus dupont protection kit for ebola MF14 gas mask military wholesale ebola kits ebola best anti dust mask respirator ebola protective gas mask gas mask coal based activated carbon 

Double Filter Gas Mask

MF11B silicone face mask with filter toxic gas filter maske MF18D-2 chemical respirator with 2 filters 


h2s gas filter 

Air purifier

single cartridge chemical respirator 

Protective Clothing

anti-ebola waterproof isolation gown protective anti ebola suit 

Activated Carbon

activated carbon air treatment water purification of activated carbon high iodine value coconut activated carbon coal-based ctc 90 activated carbon crushed coal activated carbon color removal wood activated carbon coconut steam activated carbon coconut shell water processing activated carbon solvent recovery activated carbon Desulfurization activated carbon manufacturing plant Air/Gas activated carbon plant home use air purifier hepa filter activated carbon ZL15 Coal-based Activated carbon for Desulfurization water treatment active carbon Coal-based Air Purification Activated carbon Coal based activated carbon for sulfur removal desulfuration activated carbon sale activated carbon chemical Coal-Based market price for activated carbon coal-based activated carbon bulk for sale 

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